Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quick Facts

Goal:    to raise $3000 (paypal button ------------>)

For:     The Breadloaf Writer Conference/Workshop August 2012

More information:   Either read my melodramatic story below and/or visit Breadloaf's website:

Also:    I will post updates and additional information on this blog as necessary.


  1. You will want to check with Paypal to make sure they do not limit the amount you can transfer each month. Just take note without discovering in the wrong way.

    I'm donating come July. Or, I'll donate twice in June and in July.

    1. I checked on the limits and I'm good to go! Thanks so much for your help, Gina :)

  2. I may be able to donate some $ soon, I recently got a big promotion at work, but I haven't seen any of the extra money yet.

  3. Daniel:

    You are incredibly sweet! Donate ONLY if and when you can. Regardless, I appreciate the thought tremendously :)