Sunday, July 1, 2012

UPDATE: Only $800 to go!

Hello all:

This is just an update on my progress (as July 1st). So far I have raised $2200 of my $3000 goal, leaving me with but a mere $800 left to raise and 1 month to raise it!
(button to the right if you want to get in on this------------------->)

I can't begin to express how loved and supported I feel to have received so much encouragement thus far. And a part of me is grateful that I HAD to ask for the money to begin with, as embarrassing at it was. Because if I had not asked for the money, I would have never realized what generosity surrounded me and how supportive people could be of my passion and pursuits.

So thanks again, everyone. You've given me more than you know and I feel exceptionally blessed.



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  2. Great to watch this, Kory. I think I might be able to say, "me too" as relates to not having the traditional fam backing whatsoever. Here we are though and you, YOU, can move forward here. I really would like to see this happen. Maybe it's a bucketlist thing. who cares! you have to get there if just to let them know they're too expensive and who do they think they are? ;-)