Friday, February 21, 2014

I'll Show You Mine

Many writers consider the value of a promotional book trailer when marketing their books. Truthfully, I waited too long to effectively use a trailer for my first book, since the release is in a mere 11 days away! But my talented friend Rebecca at Dreams2Media was kind enough to make me a trailer on the fly anyway.

I quickly learned there is a wide range in the styles and approaches possible for book trailers--from what Rebecca did with Dying for a Living, to full cinematic experiences like Seth Grahame-Smith's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter--that most of us could never afford.

Apart from the fact that book trailers should probably be in circulation for at least a month before a book is released, what other considers should authors have? I've heard a great many fixed stories on book trailers. Some people say that book trailers are an essential marketing tool. I've heard others say they do not matter.

What are your thoughts? Experiences? I'd love to know more.



  1. I hope they aren't too necessary. I seldom click them unless one is mentioned in particular. I am not too fond of any type video links, for example on Facebook. Maybe because I have so much TV to catch up on.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Virginia! I think many people feel the way you do. Not just because they'd rather spend their free time catching up on Supernatural or Bones ;), but also because I think a lot of people are worried about viruses, advertisements, etc. these days.