Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#Free #Books For #Everyone

Happy Wednesday!

Today I sent off the bookmarks from last week's game/ vlog test and did the drawing for the paperback. (Doramos, where for art thou Doramos? If Doramos, doesn't contact me by May 1, I'll redo the drawing.)

This week I want to tell you about three awesome things that are happening.

Awesome thing #1:

My book Dying for a Living will go on sale this Friday, April 18 and will be FREE through Sunday, April 20. Free! So mark those calendars and tell your friends :) Like I explained in last week's vlog, I am trying to find more and more ways to say Thank You to my super supportive fans for giving me a great first 6 weeks. :)

How to take advantage of the free book run? Download the book of course! But also, I think you can gift this book to as many people as you like. So if you've already bought (and liked) the book, now is your chance to send  as many copies as possible to your friends and family who you also think might like the book.

What better Easter (or Zombie Jesus Day) gift than a book about a girl who keeps coming back from the dead? Nothing! Nothing, I say! :) And for those who don't have a kindle, I suggest the reading app for your phone or computer which I've heard is both free and easy to use.

So  awesome thing # 1= free ebook this weekend.

Awesome thing #2:

There are still 12 hours left to enter the fabulous Cabin Goddess's giveaway and win an autographed copy of my paperback and a couple bookmarks. Go, go, go! Click here to play.

Awesome thing #3:
There is another giveaway happening here that is less time sensitive. But still fun. :)

Hope you are feeling the love! :)


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