Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Guest Post: *Penning* Your Future Novel

With technology rapidly changing, it is amazing how the platforms of writing are also slowly shifting, growing, and transforming into mediums that we wouldn't expect. White the argument that paperback books are becoming less relevant and more obsolete rages on, computer mediated literature is gaining momentum. Through social media and blogging, authors find more success in non-traditional ways of promoting and sharing their works.  

Surprisingly, one of the newest phenomenon is the cell-phone novel. Originally, cell-phone novels became popular in Asia, but the trend is catching on here in the States as well. A few years ago in Japan, the top ten best-selling novels consisted of five created and shared through mobile devices. In fact, it became a well-respected new literary genre that brought in some great sales for the authors, creating a few overnight sensations. This platform of writing has taken off around the world, and perhaps it is only a matter of time before the United States' writing community catches on too.

There is also the hint of social media serials, as discussed here. Between social media serials and the cell phone novel, it is interesting to consider where the future of writing is headed and how it will continue to be affected by technology.

Authors started out producing stories at 70-100 words per chapter for a fast read, now with certain apps a person can publish their novel chapter by chapter in its entirety. This option allows for mobility and convenience, as well as the ability to produce literature and absorb other's work on-the-go.  It presents  the opportunity for writers, novelists, and bloggers to share their work in an interactive setting, with apps like Penned allowing writers and readers to contribute, like, and comment on those stories that inspire them. On Penned, a writer-community app, participants can even upload a photo with their entry, to the category of their choice, and add a link at the bottom to where readers can purchase full versions of their novel(s), or simply to find out more about the writers.

Could cell-phone and/or social media novels be the next big thing?

Brian graduated from Punahou School in Honolulu, HI with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA. Living in Venice, he has designed and consulted for many start-ups around LA before  before launching Penned with his passionate three-person team.

Sonia Chopra is a senior studying Communications Studies for PR and Journalism at UCLA. Currently, she is the PR/Marketing rep for Penned, but also works in celebrity PR as well as business, fashion, journalism and marketing. Her side hobbies include writing a mental health blog and modeling in Hollywood. She joined Brian Sanders (founder) in 2013 to help launch Penned, his start-up and side project. 

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