Monday, May 19, 2014

Crushing Hearts & Library Love #Mondayblogs

I recently read and loved a great anthology featuring one of my friends, Rebecca Poole of Dreams2Media. I asked Rebecca and her editor to clue my readers (and me!) into the project itself—as well as the motivation behind its creation.

Let’s start by telling everyone what The Rise of the Goddess anthology is about.
The Rise of the Goddess is all about overcoming adversity. Some of the stories are very traditional in their mythology theme, while others are not, but they all show the reader that faith (rather it be in their own self or a higher power) can overcome any obstacle.

Tell us more about Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing.
CHBB was officially launched in 2012 by the fabulous author and publishing genius SJ Davis, and soon after acquired both Vamptasy Publishing and Hot Ink Press. The ever growing ranks of authors include some of today’s best selling indie minds. Beyond the success of the company and their tireless efforts to bring amazing stories to the readers, CHBB is a family with a heart.

What was the source of inspiration for this theme of The Rise’s anthology?
Though many ideas were considered by the founding members of the anthology, the idea of breathing new life into the traditional mythology came from author, contributor, and secret goddess in her own right, Sinead MacDughlas. The inspiration behind the idea was simply the want to inspire others.

The anthology also has art in addition to stories. How do you think this enriches the reader’s experience?
I believe that the pieces of art, including the cover, express the ideas held within the stories and give the reader a visual of the passion that went into every aspect of the collection. If you the images by Mr. Ford, Mrs. Poole, and Mrs. McMahon, they tell a story all their own.
Was it fun to collaborate with so many talented artists and writers? Absolutely! When working on a project like this, you get to meet so many amazing people and you become friends, you become a family. Some of these contributors I have known for years, some were brand new and I was able to give them their first break in the writing world. Still others were seasoned authors who I was able to meet for the first time. We even have our very own rock star in the group, Beth W. Patterson. I love everyone of the authors and artists, and I hope to get to work with them in the future.

This project is a charitable project, with all proceeds going to Elliott Public Library. What led to this decision?
The answer to this is simple. We wanted to give back to the world of readers for all that they have given us. We wanted a great cause to support, and what better cause can there be other than a small town library that is suffering under heavy budget cuts while the sole librarian struggles to serve over three hundred customers a month.

Was there a special reason why you chose this library as the object of your charity?
The Elliott Public Library has a very special secret; its librarian is a Goddess. Fellow CHBB/Hot Ink/Vamptasy author and long time friend of many of the contributors, Ada McEwan, works tirelessly in her position at the library out of love and kindness. Struggling with the limited funds, Mrs. McEwan strives to provide after-school programs for the children of Elliott, to upgrade the facility, to support indie authors by housing their books on a special shelf right up front, and to maintain this safe haven of books for her community.

How important do you think it is for writers and artists to give back to their communities?
I think it is absolutely vital! Authors write words, and without anyone to read them, they are just simply lines on a page. It is important give back to those people who breathe life into our stories with their imaginations and heartfelt rapture in the worlds we build. Who knows? The next Hemingway, Bronte, or Poe may very well be molded inside the walls of the Elliott Public Library on some sunny afternoon all because we helped keep the library alive and there for the children of the next generation.

Can we expect to see more charity anthologies from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing soon?
It is my hope and desire to continue assisting CHBB with putting together charity anthologies for great causes in the future. Philanthropy is a theme within the company that already exists with authors such as Rue Volley and Sinead MacDughlas donating proceeds of their individual works to cancer research and women’s safe houses, and I believe that many others will continue to carry that torch of giving onward.

Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know about your fabulous project, ladies! I hope to talk more about writing and charity soon, but in the meantime dear Reader, please feel free to share your comments below. Do you often write for charity? Do you read anthologies? Why or why not?

You can also learn more about Rebecca here and CHBB here.