Friday, June 20, 2014

#DIY Graphics for #Authors on a Budget

Bookmarks, book covers, rack cards, business cards and other author promo goodies can really pinch a writer's budget. And while I've worked with amazing designers and think that real skill and knowledge is impossible to replace, sometimes you just have to do things yourself--either because you literally don't have an extra penny to your name, or because you are one of those creative types, who enjoy the challenge.

If either of these factors are true for you, then let me tell you about my new favorite thing!

Here are a couple of things that I made using Pixlr:

click this for more info on how to get free goodies!

and I am certain that you can do so much better! But I was low on time (and money) and BAM! This happened. The reason why something like Pixlr is so much better than your basic photoshop is because it can do layers. That is the one thing missing from most photo editing which leaves pictures looking flat and unappealing to your fans. So it is really important that you consider a program that can utilize layers. In addition to Pixlr, I've heard good things about GIMP, though I haven't used it myself.

For tips on how to use Pixlr, here are some tutorials that may help (though I found the program pretty intuitive--there is an argument in here somewhere that my product would be better if I HAD read these):


Have any of you used Pixlr or other photo editing programs? I'd love to know more about free, accessible options for authors on a budget. So share the love!


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