Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#Interview & #Giveaway: Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, OH MY!

Before we get started, tell us about yourselves. Any weird hobbies we should know about?
Michael- I don't know about weird, but definitely nerdy.  I have a baseball card and a soap opera card collection LOL
Shelly- Hmm. I love collecting old coins, I have stamped silver coins from England, a two cent piece from the Civil War and a bunch of other old ones. I like anything different. I also love history of the coins. I like to imagine what the person was like who used them, how many hands it passed through and how I got my hands on it. I'm a dork, I know.
You wrote a book called Blood Moon. How could you describe this work to someone who’s never heard of it?
Michael- Blood Moon is a story about the fact love overcomes all boundaries when it's real, when it's right. This all takes place amongst supernatural beings called Variants. It involves vampire witches, werewolf witches and shape shifters. It's about ancient grudges and rivalries and the power and importance of blood.
Shelly- It's also about choices and how you can't change the past, but you can change things in your life. It's about righting something that went wrong and how we all can do that and there's more Variants than just wolves and vampires.
Who were your inspirations for this novel?
Michael- Part of the inspiration for the novel came from simply being tired of reading angst ridden vampire and werewolf tales, where the characters sit around, hating themselves for being what they are; our characters celebrate their immortality and abilities.  We also wanted something different, a story where the werewolves are not only not subservient to vampires, but are superior to them.
Shelly- I also wanted to see more strong women characters. Women who weren't afraid to go after what they want and not be a damsel in distress type.
What lead to you agree to collaborate with each other?
Michael- We talked about it and it just clicked.
Shelly- We have been role play partners for over four years and the characters that we brought to life needed to be heard. It was a world that just continued to grow and finally, we thought it was time to introduce them on a larger scale.
What challenges/rewards do you think are unique to collaborative writing?
Michael- We know each other so well, our strengths and weaknesses, so it's easy to get a feel for any scene we do together.  We're like a seasoned tag team in wrestling. Call us the modern day Road Warriors. Shelly's Hawk and I'm Animal.
Shelly- The biggest challenge is that Michael and I are very strong willed people and we are very opinionated. However, Michael and I have a great relationship in the fact that we communicate very well together. If we have issues, we tell the person and get it out in the open. That doesn't happen often, unless we're editing. LOL
This book is the first in a series. How many books do you see unravelling before you?
Michael- We have so many stories to tell, I could see at least ten novels in the Dark Moon series.
Shelly- We have so many characters who's stories need to be told, clammering to be told. I think you'll see that the Variant Nation is very connected, so we could have a long series.
Are there other series or projects in the works for you?
Michael- Not at this time, no.
Shelly- No, but I could definitely see us expanding out from the Dark Moon Series. I think we could write a great crime drama, but who knows what the future holds.
What can we expect to see from you next?
Michael- The next book in the series is entitled "Dark Harvest."
Shelly- You'll get to see some new, interesting characters in the next one as well.

This or That:
Coffee or Tea:
Michael- Tea
Shelly- COFFEE! I love, love, love it.
Late Night or Early Morning:
Michael- Early Morning
Shelly- Late Night, which works well since we're on opposite coasts.
Sci-fi or Fantasy:
Michael- Fantasy
Shelly- Ugh! I can't possibly answer! I love them both equally.

Being called “Self-pubbed” or “Indie”?
Michael- Indie
Shelly- I prefer Indie.
Vampires or Werewolves:
Michael- Vampires
Shelly- Well, I love vampires but there haven't been any strong wolves for great examples. The closest for me is Underworld, but again the vampires were the top of the food chain. So I'd like to see it be more equal.

Just for fun:
If you could have any (but only one) super power, what would it be?
Michael- Super Strength
Shelly- Teleportation
If you could pick the brain of any writer/poet/artist from anywhere across time and space, who would it be and why?
Michael- Jim Butcher, because I find his stories amazing.  His imagination is unshackled.  The man had his Harry Dresden character reanimate a dinosaur and ride it through Chicago!
Shelly- I'd love to talk to Kresley Cole! She is one of my favorites and also Iris Johansen. Both very talented women and writing role models.
What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
Michael- I'd like to write a screenplay. I have a juicy crime drama that has been rattling around my brain for years.
Shelly- I wanted to be a police officer and actually went through the training, but life had other ideas for me.
What profession would you not like to do?
Michael- Garbage Man
Shelly- Arm pit sniffer (You know to see if the deodorant is working!)
If Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell existed, which circle would you be trapped in and why?
Michael- One of the less severe circles, I hope!  I'm no saint, but I pretty much mind my business.
Shelly- I'm good with limbo. I sometimes feel life is like that anyway, so I'd be good with it!

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