Monday, September 29, 2014

#MondayBlogs: Don't Break The Chain! #amwriting

I was tagged by the lovely Josh Hayes to answer the following questions about my writing. It is sort of like the writing process blogs that were going around, but even better because it focuses more on the work than my narcissistic a$$.

The name of your main character that you wish to highlight. Describe how you came up with their idea.
Jesse is the main character of my Dying for a Living series. Some people love her, others want to shake her to death. She is definitely a "flawed" character, but aren't we all? As to where I came up with the idea? Reading and life. I wanted a female lead who had to come to terms with her own power despite being made powerless in the past--and I couldn't help but imbue her with my own snark. ;) 

When and where is the setting of their story.
Present day. "Alternate reality". Nashville, TN

Tell what things you want people to know about them. Strengths, weaknesses, etc.
She's much softer on the inside. There are good reasons for that hard outer shell.

Their main conflict, and how they develop from dealing with it.
The emotional conflict: She's a social outcast and reject with a really traumatic past. She's overcompensates for this sense of rejection with a "devil may care" approach to life. This false bravado is what she uses to protect herself, but she'll have to learn how to develop really accept herself by the end. 

The physical conflict: Vigilantes and religious extremists (led by her father) want to kill her. She's trying not to take this personally.

Title of your work, and links to purchase it.

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