Monday, October 13, 2014

#MondayBlogs: A Free Marketing Service for #Writers Thanks @booklaunch_io!

Ben De Rienzo of Booklaunch was kind enough to get me started with two awesome book pages--for Dying for a Living and one for Dying by the Hour.

I love the designs of these pages. They are clean, easy to read, and look so cool! It is pretty awesome that I now have somewhere to direct readers that isn't this blog--so people can be spared my mental ramblings if they want! (Not that I don't appreciate you, faithful reader! ;)

I also love that these pages are more customizable than the amazon author pages. I like my amazon author page and the convenience that it is linked to my books for sale, but the design feature (IMHO) is better with Booklaunch.

This is also good for authors who don't blog or don't have a space to advertise their work. Furthermore, for those of you who have your work in many places--maybe not just Amazon--then this sort of page would be good for you, with its cute share widgets and direct links to sales channels.

Most importantly, it is free! Authors do not have to pay for a standard booklaunch page at all!

Ben has also given me a special coupon code of DYING for my readers who are interested in the premium tier page (which has email capture, detailed analytics, integration with mailchimp/google analytics and all that).

The code is good for the next 30 days and once you start, you'll have 90 days of free premium tier service. But regardless, your standard page will be free! :)

If you do decide to launch a page, let me know what you think. Or just give me some tips on improving my own Booklaunch page.

Thanks! :)