Thursday, October 23, 2014

#NaNoWriMo & What I Will Be Doing Instead #amwriting

First of all, yes, yes, I will be writing a novel during November along with the rest of my writer friends. But it will be a novel I have already started and I suspect it will continue long after November has ended. 

I imagine, like most things, I will start off strong at least...

So instead, I have decided to give myself a NEW and unique November challenge. I pulled from my ever-growing list of "Oh I wish I did more of this" and "I should really be doing this". (We all have those lists, I'm sure.)

So in addition to being a better French student (studying more) and reading more (the pile beside my bed it out of control),

Bedside books= war zone

I want to use my blog to fulfill my very own November challenge: I want to keep a journal EVERY DAY for 30 days. Part of what I will be journaling is simply The Artist's Way morning pages (which I have heard from reliable sources is a sure fire way to stimulate creativity) and I'll also journal any and all observations, thoughts, ideas, or writing prompts/exercises that I play with.

Hopefully, there isn't much of this....

...but rather deep revelations like this.

And so how does the blog come into this?

I plan to make a post of my best/most interesting journal snippets, 
FIVE DAYS a week, for ALL FOUR WEEKS. Weekends will be considered an optional bonus round. If I post on the weekends too, even cooler! So that means I'm aiming for 25 posts in November! 

I can guarantee that my idea of "best" will be highly subjective

You'll probably be like "how did she come up with this s*&%??"

But like all things, I hope you will participate. If you want to comment on my "journal" entries, or if you want to play with a prompt that I used and share your own outcome, that would be awesome.

And if you just want to be a voyeur, that is cool too! :) What I am really hoping to get out of this is a new, positive habit (carrying around a journal and writing in it!).

Small victories ya'll. Small victories. :)

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