Thursday, November 13, 2014

Don't Think That!

So recently it came to my awareness that I manifested something that I had thought about. Not exactly, "wished" for, but considered in great deal and lo and behold, a couple of years later, voila! 

This realization got me thinking about thoughts in general and how our thoughts create the world we live in--very new-agey-*&^% here but bear with me.

The following statements are true about perception: (perception (n.): "a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression."

1) Perception is subjective.  (A good day for the fox is a bad day for the rabbit and vice versa.)

2) People act/behave within their environments based on their perception.
       (I believe I can have this job; I applied for it. I believe I can't have this job; I did not apply for it.)

3) Perception can be changed.
(Who hasn't heard "Be positive" and tried it to varying degrees of success?).

I know this is common sense for many people, but for me, I am just beginning to realize that my perception of the world, creates my world. I can already hear the realists out there groaning about the "real" world and how there is only one way. But my current, highly subjective perception is that the world is so large and strange and complex that it is actually a multitude of realities--and you can choose which reality you want to live in. If I feel grateful and positive, I live in a positive, plentiful world. If I think everyone is an asshole and we will never get our shit together--then there is a jerk at every corner, behind every steering wheel, and in every political office.

So I've been thinking about ways in which I negatively assess my world and maybe how I can make it better by changing my perception:

1) I speak very negatively to myself. I am my own worse critic. Whether it be my outfit, a bad hair day, or a poor writing session--I tend to blame myself rather than encourage/forgive/accept. I wonder how different my world would be if I changed this perception?

2) I think too often of how things "should" be. This is partially a social, construct, I know. But like many people, I live in a world of comparisons. I should be this, I should have that. At my age, I should,...lots of assessment and judgment rather than acceptance. I wonder how different my world would be if I changed my perception of what should be?

3) I worry far too much about the future rather than the present. Like many people, I tend to operate in the future or past tense. I have a hard time being right here, right now. I worry about all the things that could happen or where I would like to be in 5, 10, 20 years. But what if I changed my perception and tried not to value the future, which may never exist, but the present. How different would my world be if right now was the most important moment of my life?

And what about your perceptions? Do they help you? Hinder you? How different would your world be if you changed them?

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