Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! I Am Thankful For...

Don't be surprised, yo. What did you think I was going to post on Thanksgiving? A rant about how I HATE ALL THE THINGS?

Nah.  So here is my rant for how I LOVE all the things. And as a white, cisgendered American, I have an awful lot to be thankful for. To make this less painful, I am simply going to write a list. I won't elaborate on each gratitude. But if you have questions about something I'm thankful for, hit me up in the comments.

I am thankful for (in no particular order. Don't read too much into it, OK?):

My loving partner
My super fat pug and her sweet companionship
All the animals that loved me past and present
The family I've made along the way.
All of my good, good friends
my health
All the opportunities I've been given, which have been many.
All the opportunities that I was denied, which forced me to be clever and resourceful.
My home (that I have one that is peaceful, loving, and full of comforts)
My comfortable couch and bed in particular (places I can lay a tired body).
The whirlpool bathtub
That I am financially stable enough to be picky about what I eat (organic food).
That I can afford to buy natural cleaning products, bath/beauty products and whatever else I like
My thick hair
My strong hands that allow me to do what I love.
My able body that carries me everywhere I need to go.
Cars and the ability to transport myself not via my feet.
My feet and my ability to walk. (No this doesn't contradict my last statement!)
Text messaging and email--which allows this introvert to avoid phone calls.
Blackboard/D2L--which allows me to teach without looking at students #introvert problems
Writers who labor over the good books I read
My ability to vote
To go where I like
To wear what I like
To speak to whomever I wish to speak
Martial arts and all the beautiful lessons Aikido and Uechi Ryu have taught me about patience and          balance and dedication and peace
My education--that I had the chance to get an education
My drum
My spirituality
Internet--and the abundance of information that is available, whether it be BBC news or begging cats.
warm, soft socks.
A wood burning fireplace.
That each season has its own lovely unique thing(s)
         fall: the beautiful trees, pumpkins and boots, scarves, etc.
         winter: fireplaces and coziness, and snow and hot drinks
         spring: melancholy rain, and flowers
         summer: sun, the beach/water, an invitation to enjoy nature more.
Nice clothes and warm coats
good television
bad television
Mother Earth
people who work hard to conserve our resources
people fighting for progress and change
people who make the world a better place with their own time and talent
Every chance to travel
All the love I've been given
Every kiss
Every sign of affection
Every show of trust
Every kindness I've ever received
my freedom
my kind, compassionate heart
That I have enough money to buy frivolous things
That I have enough money to give it away
That my cares and worries are usually so small.
That I have gifts and talents
That I know what those gifts and talents are
That I have the space and time to honor/foster those gifts and talents
My strength
My good, clear mind
My life--and all of its beautiful possibility
You, and the time you spent reading this.
....and so much more.

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