Monday, November 10, 2014

Kory's Favorite Fall Pancakes #Recipe #Mondayblogs

(6th post of my November journal challenge!)

I love food things that are made with flour, sugar, and butter (vegan or not). And few things say "Fall" like apples, so that is why I am calling them my favorite fall pancakes. However, in giving credit where it is due--I should say this recipe is basically the recipe in Skinny Bitch, a great vegan cookbook--great for those with delicate tummies like my own.

This is what you will need:

1 cup flour (I prefer AP or whole wheat pastry flour)
3 tbsp sugar (I've used brown, organic, or maple syrup)
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda (dumped a whole tsp in once; but still good; whoops!)
cinnamon to taste (the recipe says 1 teaspoon but I add more)
1 cup almond milk (I sometimes add more if I think the batter looks too thick)
vanilla (says 1 tsp, but again, I add a little more)
2 tbsp oil (I use olive)
Earth balance for pan
maple syrup
cloves and nutmeg

Once I warm my pan over medium heat, I add about 0.5-1 tbsp butter. Yes, you read that correctly. I had about 1 tbsp of earth balance for every pancake I make. You know you're going to smear this on the pancake anyway. Just think how much more delicious it is if the butter is baked in rather than smeared cold on top, eh? Trust me.


1. butter pan and pour in batter. Not too much or you'll have hard time flipping your pancake.

2. Let the pancake cook until you see all these pretty bubbles on top-->
    This picture was actually taken a little too soon.Wait for the bubbles! It is a sign of deliciousness!

3. Flip the pancake.

4. Admire this golden deliciousness until the other side cooks.

5. While repeating this for your 6-8 pancakes, get your apples cookin'. Cut apples up (you need about 1 apple per adult)

6.Put your cut up apple bits in a pan with some butter.

7. Once the apples are coated in butter and have started to cook, add maple syrup, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg to taste.

8. Let them cook like this until the liquid boils down and it starts to caramelize.

9. Finish up the pancakes while the apples cook.

10. Turn off the heat on the apples and let them sit and get sticky for a minute.

11. Plate those crispy delicious pancakes, topping the pancakes with the caramelized apples.

Voila! Enjoy! :) 

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