Monday, November 24, 2014

#Mondayblogs: Your Brain on Learning #amwriting #persevere

So sometimes when the writing is super hard, it is easy to think I suck at life. Then I like to pull myself together by watching encouraging videos like the one above. (If you don't know about Khan Academy, it is pretty awesome and you should!)  I think when learning anything, it is important to remember that we will get better--eventually.

And we stand a better chance of seeing real improvements, if in addition to practice, we apply focus--as explained in this article. So sometimes it isn't in your best interest to say "I am going to sit at this computer and stare at this story for 2 hours--at least!"

You might not actually help your brain or skills at all with this.

Instead, it might serve you more to do writing sprints, or to make a word count deadline instead. Whatever helps you to achieve that "concentrated effort". (This is also probably why I shouldn't watch TV on the treadmill, but thank goodness this is a post about writing, not fitness!)

So failing=learning+practice=improvement (or something like this).

So get out there and fail! You're probably succeeding every time you do. :)

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