Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The #Zen Art of #Writing #NaNoWriMo

I come across a lot of zen Buddhism stuff when I do my random Google searches (you know those ones that started with a simple question like "what kind of gun would my protagonist have" and ends with two hours on YouTube watching the Hunger Games trailer or a few episodes of Bad Lip Reading (Twilight FTW!).  I'm not complaining--after all that is probably how you ended up here!

I'm just saying that one of the concepts that I came across in some  random Buddhist readings is the idea of sitting with your pain or your uncertainty. That instead of trying to get away from it, you push more deeply into it.

Kind of like when you have an itch that you can't scatch. If you only think 'oh my god! Scratch it! Scratch it!" It itches more and drives you crazy. But if you really focus on it without trying to scratch, the impulse kind of goes away. And supposedly, from a similar random Buddhist reading when you sit with this discomfort, that is when you start to heal. Because it is inherent in us anyway.

So I'm connecting this idea to my writing--and my life. I feel like I do a great deal of healing when I write. My stories though told about another fictitious person are my stories. And that by pushing further into the pain (because let's be honest: writing can be hard and frustrating and tiresome!) I can find what I am really looking for.

So instead of giving up on the writing or letting myself get blocked and frustrated, I should push deeper into that discomfort--and see where that takes me.

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