Monday, November 17, 2014

This #Mondayblogs: A Day in the Life of a #Writer #amwriting

So this will be my first journal entry that is actually quite like a journal entry. Prepare yourself for the feels.

No one likes Mondays and I am no exception. Also, I've been eating an abundance of cheese lately (it's a comfort food--so shoot me), and so I've had a perpetual runny nose and stuffy head today. I woke up early because I did not get as much grading done as I needed to, so I literally laid in bed until 1:15PM, grading essays and recording those grades in my gradebook (for those of you who don't know, we do that electronically now--so there was also a laptop involved, in case you were picturing me under a mound of blankets and papers only).

Then I was trying to hide the fact that I had not showered, washed my face or in anyway had made myself presentable for work (I had 20 minutes to get out of the door between grading and my class that started at 2:10)--so I pulled half my hair up in a bun and flat-ironed the bottom half...this gave the very misleading impression that I had spent more than the 2 minutes on my hair that I did.

I also spruced up my outfit which was really nothing more than jeans and a sweater by wearing a REALLY nice scarf and earrings--is this what the magazines mean by accessorizing? "Oh hey, you are really dirty! No worries girl--big sunglasses and nice gloves for you gurrrrl). 

Class was good and quick--the best kind. And I got home early. But instead of getting into bed, I turned into a switch board operator. No sooner did I end one unexpected phone call and answer another, did a third call come in. A friend was having an equally bad day and needed a hug so I told her to come on over. Then I put her on the phone with the other friend (switchboard operator, remember?) and made hot cocoa for us both and built a fire in our wood-burning fireplace.

What is better than a fire and hot cocoa on a cold snowy evening pray tell? Maybe only spaghetti made with cheesy, vodka sauce maybe. (yes, more cheese, I know. And yes, my nose is still running like crazy). I ate the kale salad out of guilt. Then I checked my online courses to make sure those students were doing OK too.

Then here I am, journaling for the day so that I may keep up with my November challenge, while my lovely partner is in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner. (You da best, babe! Oh and speaking of which, have you guys read her latest blog post? It's so good!) 

And what will happen after this? Well I still need to make my word count for the evening and practice French before my lesson tomorrow. Also, I need to take the morbidly obese pug for a walk in the chilly, snowy night before coming back to my lovely fire. 

Is that too much to ask? ;)



  1. Nice, candid post. Sounds a bit like some of my days while I was teaching, including the cheese ;-)

    1. Is it better that the cheese was organic? ;)