Monday, November 3, 2014

#Mondayblogs: Why #Werewolves?

Today is the first post of my November challenge (more on that here).

On Halloween, I did the usual: eat copious amounts of candy and watched scary movies. One of my favorite campy movies is Cursed, featuring Christina Ricci and Jesse Eisenberg. It was in the throes of this guilty pleasure that I did quite a bit of thinking (definitely not for the first time), on the appeal of being a werewolf.

In other news, I need to not eat so much sugar before bed. ALL THE DREAMS!

What is it exactly about being a werewolf that is so damn cool? Is it the idea of being bigger, stronger, tougher or more invincible? 

Because that could explain why being werewolf is cooler than say a were-kitten or a were-fox--as natural badassery is not guaranteed in such forms.

Just wait until I get ahold of you! Oh the pain!!!

Or if it isn’t the joy of being stronger is it the sexual allure? Are shifters actually sexier? 

And why exactly? I mean, I don’t see wolves running around and think, “Oh my god! Come back my fine furry friend! I’ll totally get grass stains on my knees for that!”

Or maybe it is the excuse to rely entirely on instinct and impulse without question? After all, being human can be really troublesome! There are all these expectations and social customs to adhere to! Maybe humping whatever I want, eating whatever I want, and hiking my legs up behind my ears for a good scratch--without the risk of being called unlady-like--is exactly the kind of freedom I need. Maybe the coolest thing about being a werewolf is the ability to literally rip your head off with my teeth, should you cross me.

Werewolves everywhere just saying a big "*&^% you!"

So what is it about being a werewolf (or any shifter) that interests you? Or if it doesn’t, why not?


  1. First of all, greatest werewolf movie ever (and I consider myself a werewolf movie connoisseur).

    Secondly, being a were-fox would be awesome if you could beef up exponentially like a werewolf.

    Thirdly, yeah, there has been a turn toward sexiness in werewolf media. Oz, Kate Beckinsale, that turd from Twilight (technically). I think it has to do with the feral nature of the wolf. No other movie monster shares that intensity, that ferocity, not even the vampire. It's the scariest creature: you can't outrun it, you can't negotiate with it, and you could easily become it. We all have those animal instincts buried deep. Fear definitely has its allure.

    Also, have you seen Trick'r Treat? Great werewolf scene.

    1. Trick'r Treat is one of my favorite movies! :) I LOVE the werewolf scene ;)

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