Monday, December 15, 2014

#Mondayblogs: I wrote 100+ posts this year! Now what? #amwriting

My very first attempt at blogging was back in 2012. I had a food blog (that didn't last long because it turned out I was more interested in eating than telling you guys about what I was eating).

I wrote about 5 posts on this blog in 2012. And only 13 posts in 2013. So when Jan 2014 rolled around, one of my resolutions was to write 100 posts this year! I thought that was an ambitious goal (especially considering how often I'd managed to blog before that) and I am happy to say that somehow I've reached that goal--with almost a month to spare!

My 100th post rolled in on December 5. Woo!

Anyway, so I took some time to review this year's stats and see what people liked most from the blog.

Here are the top three performing blog posts from the year:

Your Brain on Learning

How To Get Writing Done Despite the Hellishly Busy Holiday Season

Congrats @AngelaRoquet: Read the newest Lana Harvey Book

It seems as a whole you guys like inspiring, introspective stuff. You also enjoy giveaways and author spotlights.

But what am I missing?

Thinking ahead to 2015 and my new goals for the blog next year, what kind of posts would you like to see? I'd love to improve my content, with the hopes of getting better and better each year. So tell me what you like to read about. What inspires you? What helps you along? Or simply, what do you enjoy?


  1. Wow! 100 posts in a year, up from 13? That's fantastic! Best of luck to reach your blogging goal for next year!
    As for what type of post do I enjoy most? Personal stories from everyday life, because people forget that what they call "everyday life" is not always what others would call that. For instance, my everyday life involves dialysis three times a week, so I post about what it's like to live with dialysis. Other people's everyday life might include mountain climbing, or milking goats, or crawling under houses looking for spider nests. It's fascinating, reading other people's "everyday" stories!

    1. Great point, Tammy! I completely agree :)