Thursday, December 4, 2014

Where is the lesson in that? #perseverance #cuteowls #writerproblems

Maybe it is just how my mind works, but when I see movies or videos or hear stories, I usually look for the "message" inside it. I try to find the meaning or how it is applicable to my life.

And that is how I felt when I saw this video of the owl above. If the internet buzz is to be believed, this owl was forced out of the sky by two falcons and it fell into the lake, where it proceeded to make it to shore for a bit of a rest before flying away.

Here is another cute video of the owl resting on the beach.

I think these two videos say a lot.

1) That everyone is going to get "knocked from the sky" at some time or another.
2) When you do get knocked down, don't panic and drown. Use the skills (wings) you already have to get yourself to a better place. Even if you have no faith that you are capable of doing so (maybe this owl had no idea (s)he could swim!) You may surprise yourself.
3) Don't be afraid to give yourself a rest from your ordeal before getting back out there. (Because apparently bird rescue was called, but the owl flew away before they arrived).

Seeing events like this occur in nature remind me how "natural" this whole process of "get knocked down. Recover. Get up again" really is.

So let's not be too hard on ourselves shall we?


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