Monday, January 5, 2015

#Mondayblogs: 2015 Resolutions for this #author #amwriting #thewritinglife

I'm aiming for a little accountability here. You see, I have performance issues. If I tell you guys I'm going to do something, then I MUST. I'm trying to use the fact that I'm a bit of a show off to my advantage here. Work with me.

I have altruistic resolutions for the year: be a better partner, take better care of myself, give more and all that...but here I want to focus specifically for my writing/publishing goals for 2015:

In no particular order:

Publish Dying for Her: Brinkley's Story  (Book 3 of the Jesse Sullivan series)
Publish Untitled Book 4 of the Jesse Sullivan series
Produce corresponding audiobooks of all available titles
Publish Badass and the Beast anthology with the fabulous +Angela Roquet
Pursue possibility of adapting Jesse Sullivan series into graphic novels--
                 launch possible Kickstarter
Submit YA novel (tentatively titled Water & Dark  to ABNA contest--or self-pub)
Write a blog post every MWF for the whole year, totaling about 150 posts (*snort*)

Bonus round--release box set of all Jesse books and possible 5th title! 

I have only one concern that may interfere with these big goals:

(sorry about the darkness and the horrible smacking my lips habit; Clearly I sit in the dark with a dry as *&^% mouth and lament about #firstworldproblems #whoisahotmess)

Hehhhh. Yes. So crazy ridiculous or not, these are my goals for 2015. What do you guys think? And better yet, what are your goals?


  1. Kory, life was meant to be lived OFF the internet. Go outside and get a REAL dragon. You'll feel better.

    1. Oh my God...Mikel...point me in the direction of a real dragon and I AM SO THERE.

  2. Hi! I found your blog post through #Mondayblogs. I am glad you can admit you have a problem and are working to solve said problem. Oh and I have to do this type of blog post for my writing career. It'll help me keep focus on my goals.

    1. Hi Chris! Yes, definitely! :) By telling everyone is kind of puts the pressure of accountability out there ;) I wish you luck with your writing career! :)