Monday, February 16, 2015

#Mondayblogs: How to Give a Reading (In Pictures) #amreading #amwriting

All good readings begin with practice

Sighhh, Why can't I pronounce "death drain"?  I wrote this!

Just smile and they'll never know how nervous I am, right?

I'm on PG 4 and no one has thrown anything. I've got this!

Oh, spoke to soon. No one got my bondage joke.
Whew, at least the reading is over! Wait, what? There's questions?

I have no idea what to say right now.

I know! I'll just make something up! 
"And then I said: I should charge money for this!"

"Who knew they'd actually do it?"

Thinking: Maybe I'm too honest...

Fun part! Pictures with fans!
What do you mean I have to personalize the books???

Hmmm, what do I write here? 
To You From Me...seems legit!

Goodnight everyone! 


  1. LOL! Great post! As writers we're supposed to always have command of our words, and know what to say when - right? Phew...not always. :-)

  2. So awesome! Hope you had a great time! I've heard "Best Wishes" is the #1 thing authors write when signing books, but I'm pretty sure "Happy Reading" (which I'm totally guilty of) is a close second. During my hometown signings, where more than half of the people who show are friends and family, I sign books like I would a high school yearbook. I once even signed the crack! ; P

  3. Ok, so my computer went wonky and I don't know if my first post went through. :D This post made me laugh out loud. Mainly because we ALL have those thoughts! You were fantastic! I've written "Thanks for your support and Keep reading!" on ours.