Monday, February 2, 2015

#Mondayblogs: Snow Day & Fun #amreading & #amwriting

This is up past my knees!
I never get too old for a snow day!

Imagine my utter happiness when I discovered I wouldn't have to go anywhere today BECAUSE THE WHOLE CITY CLOSED, and so I did my civic duty and stayed home in my pajamas with a warm pug under my blanket.

Pug requires a path be shoveled for her le toilet

I still had to shovel though...
Look at that beautiful sidewalk!

But after shoveling I spent the rest of the day polishing Dying for Her. I made good progress and think I'll have it out to my proofers within the week.

Tonight is going to be even better, as I plan to curl up with my cup of tea in front of the cozy fire and read The Silkworm by Rowling/Galbraith.

I hope everyone else's day was just as lovely. And if you haven't had fun, well I've got something to brighten your day! :D

There's a T-shirt contest going on for a $25 Amazon giftcard and other fun stuff here.

And an audiobook giveaway (Last time I gave EVERYONE who entered a free book, so you really should enter!) is happening here.

Stay warm and have a great week everyone :)


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