Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Safe for Your Pretty Face! #Beauty #Review of 7 @beautycounterhq products

Look at this gorgeous face!
So recently I received some free samples from my friend Mick to try out a few of the Beauty Counter products I'd been eyeing lately. I mean, who wouldn't want to buy beauty products from this woman!

Apart from her good looks, Mick has a really big heart, which has led her to be a sort of "ambassador"'/consultant for this company called Beauty Counter, which is all about making products that are safe to use. So, here are my thoughts of the 7 products I've tried. "BC" is the company's product description.

Routine Clean Cream

BC: This creamy daily cleanser washes away makeup and other impurities while soothing and conditioning skin naturally. The secret? Organic coconut oil simultaneously removes buildup while moisturizing and softening skin. Witch hazel adds a toning effect while aloe hydrates—so skin feels fresh and smooth, never overly dry. Infused with botanical extracts like geranium, lavender and antioxidant-rich green tea to help promote healthy-looking skin. A light citrus scent (from a blend of essential oils) is sure to refresh any routine. Full product description here.

Kory: A lightweight and smooth cleaner, I enjoyed the way it felt going on. It washes off completely with no residue and my skin didn’t feel too dry after. The scent was mild and pleasant. I can definitely see this as a good everyday cleaner.

Gentle Exfoliating Cream

Our Gentle Exfoliator Polishing Cream sweeps away dead cells and impurities to uncover fresh, glowing skin. Non-abrasive jojoba beads provide gentle exfoliation while organic coconut oil conditions and soothes skin. Hydrating aloe nourishes even the most sensitive skin types, while a mix of botanical extracts—like geranium, lavender and green tea—support skin's health. Meadowfoam seed oil delivers essential fatty acids and vitamin E (essentials for a radiant-looking complexion). Lightly scented with citrus essential oils. Full product description here.

Kory: This cleaner lives up to its name of “gentle”. It does not scrub at your face like many exfoliators and that is what led me into trouble. I’m used to serious exfoliators that take off the first layer of skin cells, and so I rubbed a bit too hard with this one, trying to mash the little jojoba beads into my skin. But that was user-error, and no fault of the product! If you’re looking for a lightweight cleaner to help scrub off that dull layer of dead skin, this is worth your consideration.

Countertime Cleansing Balm

BC: 100% OF WOMEN SHOWED A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN SKIN HYDRATION AFTER 8 HOURS, WITH AN AVERAGE INCREASE OF 25%.* Nourishing Cleansing Balm melts into your skin, while removing makeup, moisturizing as it cleanses. It can double as an overnight face masque for extra hydration. This comes with one cleansing cloth. Raspberry Seed Oil and Cranberry Seed Oil hydrate and revitalize the skin, while Vitamin C brightens skin tone. Full product description here.

Kory: Balm is a good word to describe the texture of the product. It reminds me of the pomade I used to put in my hair when I cared about trying to make my curls more manageable. But this is much more pleasant/less sticky. It did leave my skin feel moisturized, which I liked. It also seems to be one of the more versatile of the Beauty Counter products. So if you don’t have a lot of money, you could consider getting this to double as your face wash/day/night cream. I’ll be buying this one myself.

Vibrant Eye Perfector

Countertime Vibrant Eye Perfector bathes the delicate eye area in hydration while minimizing the appearance of fine lines. Ascophyllum Nodosum and Asparagopsis Armata Marine Extracts target dark circles while Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract promotes firmer-looking skin. Full product description here.

Kory: I had some mixed results with this one. If I used enough that my eyes felt hydrated and lovely, my eyes usually burned and turned red. If I used less, my eyes didn’t feel hydrated. Granted I think this is just me—as I have sensitive eyes that water over everything. But the product does seem to do what it says it will do, but it may simply be a matter of using the exact amount.

Lustro Face Oil 2- Jasmine

BC: A luxurious blend of seven radiance-boosting oils—including organic argan nut, organic grapeseed, organic marula, meadowfoam seed, rosehip, rose otto and sea buckthorn—deeply nourishes skin with antioxidants and vitamins. This concentrated, yet lightweight elixir is easily absorbed, sinking into skin for lasting moisture (and making it the perfect primer for makeup). Jasmine oil provides a sweet floral scent—plus it promotes the appearance of increased elasticity, and is excellent for dry or mature skin. Full product description here.

Kory: I love putting oil on my face. Feel things feel better than pulling some oil on my face. For a long time I was making my own oils using a combination of avocado, argan, rose hip, and peppermint. It was amazing. This product reminded me a lot of that. And the jasmine scent was pleasant. But if you if aren’t into jasmine or flowers, this isn’t the oil for you, as the smell is definitely noticeable.

Countertime Uplifting Day Cream

90% OF WOMEN REPORTED SKIN WAS SOFTER AND MORE SUPPLE AFTER 8 WEEKS OF USE.* Uplifting Day Cream promotes firmer-looking skin, reduces redness, and boosts skin’s defenses against environmental stress. Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Ginger Root Extract combats redness and irritation, and Vitamin C brightens the skin for a firmer look. Full product description here.

Kory: I really liked this one. It felt really cool and refreshing going on and my skin stayed moisturized for a long time. As someone who is usually drawn to oils over creams, I was still pretty impressed by this product. And it smells nice too.

Countertime Night Cream


Restorative Night Cream promotes beautiful, healthy-looking skin by locking in moisture as you sleep. Skin looks and feels smoother, firmer, and more hydrated. Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while Marine Extracts and Safflower Oleosomes work together to provide immediate and time-released hydration. Full product description here.

Kory: Very similar to the day cream but a little thicker—as can be expected. Cool, refreshing and definitely left me feeling hydrated. For someone who is looking for that overnight soak and a pleasant, clean scent, this is for you! 


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