Friday, March 6, 2015

The Narrative Social Club #amwriting Tools for Writers

The amazing Kate Pigott wants to read your work! Need beta readers? Or better yet, want to talk important writing ideas? Keep reading.

A bit about Kate: She's a Brooklyn-based writer and co-founder of LitWrap, a brilliant newsletter full of great content for writers. She's read for Slice Magazine and published her own work in several prestigious journals. (On a side note, I've read bits of the novel Kate's currently working on--amazing.)

Anyway, this super talented lady has launched a new site and resource tool for writers: The Narrative Social Club, complete with an awesome podcast. It promises to be an episodic site releasing smart podcasts on common writing themes. I'm personally really excited. Pigott is one brilliant lady who I had the privilege of rooming with at a writer's conference and her ability to relate insight into your work is unparalleled.

If you don't check her out, you're really missing out! So listen to this:

The Narrative Question Podcast

Also, this is the last day to vote for the T-shirt contest, so you'd better get on that! Vote here.

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