Thursday, March 5, 2015

You Are Smarter Than Your Problem #empower

So I had a problem. What else is new? Everyone has problems.

One of my current problems, or challenges if you prefer, is that my 7-year-old pug has suddenly started going to the bathroom indoors. We've never had this problem before. She was housebroken and usually good about scratching the door to let us know she needed to go out.

At first I got angry. A normal reaction given the fact that a creature had begun to use my home (particularly my favorite rug in the living room) as her le toilet. 

But before I could totally lose it I said to myself "I am smarter than my problems. I can solve this."

So I did some research (turns out there are tons of doggie diapers and jumpers to keep the diapers in place) and determined there was a simple solution. So I go to Petsmart to procure the items I needed and found out they were $60. 

I got angry again. $60! To make a creature stop doing something she isn't supposed to be doing anyway! Do you know how chocolate that is?!?

But then I quickly let my anger go and reaffirmed: "I am smarter than this problem too!"

So I go to a human store and buy human diapers and human onsies and spend only $16 and an hour of my time with scissors and thread, converting them into doggie things and BAM! Problem solved. And she did not use the potty inside today. 

Success! And no chocolate was sacrificed in the process.

So, the moral of the story: You are smarter than your problem. Whatever the problem, however big it is, just tell yourself: I am smarter than my problem.

Because whatever is going on, you'll figure it out.

You've got this.

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