Thursday, April 9, 2015

#Book Tour Day 3: Need a "Stiff" Drink? #Recipe #Giveaway

Has it been a rough work week? Not sure you can get through tomorrow? Sure you can. No one knows shitty jobs better than our girl, Jesse Sullivan. She literally dies for a living! And here is a cocktail recipe inspired by her and the gang.

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Dead Again

Note I totally stole this pic because it was prettier than mine.
3 oz rum
6 oz juice (I suggest 2 parts pineapple, 1 part lime)
1 oz Jose Cuervo® gold tequila Black Medallion
3oz. grenadine syrup

Shake rum, pineapple juice, and syrup together (be generous with juice if you like your drinks sweet). Dump in shot of tequila like an afterthought. Sweeten with extra syrup and/or juice to taste. Enjoy!

Dead again isn't doing it for you? No worries. I've got ten more recipes that will meet any "stiff's" needs.

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