Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How Would You Like to Die? #giveaway #freebooks

1983: Truls Hellevik, a diver undergoing decompression aboard the oil rig Byford Dolphin was accidentally exposed to an eight-Atmosphere change in air pressure, leading to instantaneous massive expansion of his internal bodily gasses, causing him to explode into many small parts which rained down upon the rig; official investigation of the incident led to changes in some diving-bell resurfacing procedures.

2007: Humberto Hernandez, a 24-year-old Oakland, California, U.S., resident, was killed after being struck in the face by an airborne fire hydrant while walking. A passing car had struck the fire hydrant and the water pressure shot the hydrant at Hernandez with enough force to kill him.

2010: Mike Edwards, 62, was a founding member and cellist for the band ELO; he died when a large, round bale of hay rolled down a hill and smashed his van while he was out driving

2011: Jose Luis Ochoa, 35, died after being stabbed in the leg at an illegal cockfight in Tulare County, California U.S., by one of the birds that had a knife attached to its limb

2013: João Maria de Souza, 45, of Caratinga, Brazil, was killed by a cow that fell through the roof of his house onto his bed while he was asleep.

....Yes, I'm that person who sits around reading about strange and unusual deaths all day. Why? Because when you have a character who dies for a living, you have to know what to expect. Since researching Dying for a Living, I now know all kinds of random bits of information (i.e. your chances of dying in your kitchen, bathroom, or in a car are high) pertaining to what kind of deaths Jesse is most likely to encounter on the job and what she might have to work around when saving that person's life. (Though how she'd prepare for a falling cow, I've no idea).

So today's question:

What kind of death replacement would you like to see Jesse do?


What kind of death would you like to be saved from?

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  1. I'm not sure I have a favourite that would be relivable. But drowning (maybe in a jacuzzi so Jesse can be there easily enough) or electrocution would be possibly interesting deaths that ought to be relivable and haven't been done yet.

    1. Both sound like good ideas! Thanks for playing, Eloise! :)

  2. the giant blue ice falling from a plane would be epic.

  3. An avalanche! They scare the crap outta me!