Friday, June 19, 2015

Do You Know You're White?

If you happen to be white, but never think about your "whiteness"--then you are probably absolutely unaware of your white priviledge. 

If so, this post is just for you! 

I'm not picking on you. I too was once a white person who had no idea that she was white. In fact, one of my white priviledges, is that I can forget that I'm white whenever I want! 

Worse, I was a super poor white person, who was then not so poor. So this led me to say incredibly dumb shit like "anyone can succeed if they just try hard enough!" My apologies now to all the non-white, non-able-bodied people out there. I'm a dumbass, I know).

But you have a chance to be even smarter, even more compassionate than you were when you started reading this post. All you have to do are watch these videos and read these links and educate yourself.

This is BY NO MEANS a comprehensive list, but it is a great start in the right direction. They are videos that I've personally watched that really changed how I viewed race and discrimination. So much so, that I've become that crazy white lady in a sweater vest.

So, if you want to be better educated about race, racism, and why #BlackLivesMatter (and every other race to be clear), it starts here:

Introduction to Systematic Racism
Prison or College?
The Problem I Had Renting a House
How to Raise a Black Son in America
What Does My Headscarf mean to you?

Does Racism Affect the Way You Vote?
Racism is Real

Is it all in your head?
White priviledge: What is it?

And this is just a start. If you have great websites or videos, please share them below.




  1. I applaud you Kory for being bold enough to write this post. Good stuff!

  2. Very well said. It is hard to see things outside of the box you are raised in. It is something I struggle with all the time and I have hopefully instilled in my children. I know I will say something insulting by accident. racist expressions are so deeply woven into white vernacular that even the most prudent will say them until challenged.
    As for links, the only good one I have is my go to reference when I am unsure of either descriptive narrative or a saying I have heard since I was a child.
    I make mistakes, I screw up, but I will never stop trying to be a better citizen of the world. I hope I haven't offended anyone recently and hope a simple apology and promise to strive to do better when I am called out for things I say that are insensitive. My family didn't contain the greatest ideals of racial and LGBQT+ interactions, I hope I am more sensitive and understanding and help as my children grow into adults to be more of a good person than I can.

  3. Kory, I join G.E. in applause. Race has become a land mine, and wounds continue to fester. The push for "tolerance" has disintegrated into a land of selfies and denial. Thank you for the opportunity to add "The Mis-education of the Negro," and "Is Marriage Just For White People?" "The Mis-education of the Black Child," and this site: for anyone who is interested.

  4. Thank you for your wonderful additions to the list! I wouldn't consider my post brave so much as long overdue, but I appreciate the acknowledgment nonetheless. I'm now off to continue my education with these great links! :)