Monday, June 15, 2015

#Mondayblogs: Finding #Motivation When You're the Boss

As someone who is is charge of her own time (no start time for work, no children, undemanding live-in partner), it can be really hard to find motivation!

Too often I find myself thinking: "I don't have to be anywhere today! This isn't due today, so why don't I play Sims and watch Sense8 instead?" (I haven't actually started watching Sense8 yet, but it looks AMAZING!)

This great blog post by Leo of Zen habits got me thinking about this and the many faces of procrastination when dealing with "nonurgent" tasks.

If you're self-employed, self-published, or just a writer, it might worth a read.

So what do you do to create urgency? Well, here is what I did. I asked myself some questions:

Why does this book/project matter?
Why is it important to me? 
What do I love about it? 
What is the COST of procrastination? The consequences?
What’s stopping me from getting to work?

If you were to answer all of these questions about your current, task/project/book, it might provide some powerful insight into your work habits and as my charming mother would say "light a fire under your ass."

What do you do to motivate yourself when the deadline is nonurgent?

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  1. One thing I do is imagine how free I will feel once this item is off my to-do list. Ha!

    Hey, Kory! I haven't been at your blog much, but I'm always glad to see you on Twitter. Wanted to include you in a chance to participate in the Liebster Award. Hopefully I've made it fun to participate with the questions that I posed for you to answer.

    Take a peek, see if you want to join in. No pressure -- do it now, do it later, do it never. If nothing else, know this: I think you're great and worthy of the award! ;-)