Monday, June 8, 2015

#Mondayblogs: Tom Wore Red. #amwriting #craft #description

Writers often have a penchant for describing clothing in their work. Tom wore a red shirt and jeans. Jack had a blue button down with rolled up sleeves. 

The only problem is that while color IS a vivid descriptor, it's boring as *&^%. 

You say: "But I want them to know what (s)he looks like Kory!" and I can't say too much because I'm guilty of falling into this kind description of clothing as well.

But let's consider this:

Perhaps it will be more useful to describe clothing that lends depth to the character. Make the clothes (or lack thereof) count.

What does the clothing say about a person? 

It can reveal their socio-economic status (thrift store T-shirts with
              peeling lettering)
personal habits (stains, tears, missing buttons)
personality (pants frayed a hem= doesn't care about details or is too
       poor/frugal to pay for tailoring. 
Beliefs or passions (sports jerseys, homemade sweaters by loved
       ones or self, WWJD/Namaste sayings, or geek/nerd references)
How the clothes fit/condition (poorly because of sudden weight
       gain, or loss), wrinkles or pleats, 
       personal alterations such as a cut collar or a sown up whole can
       reveal personality traits

Any of the above tells us more about the character and what is going on with them--resulting in a far more interesting character development than just saying: "Tom wore a red and jeans".

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