Monday, July 13, 2015

#Mondayblogs: 5 #Books to help you #change #selfimprovement #motivation

I've been busy reading the book Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives by Gretchen Rubin. She has a blog too, apparently (though I've not yet read it or her bestselling book The Happiness Project) and while she seems a little too "wound" *her words not mine!*, she  does remind me a lot of another zen habits guru Leo Babauta (also has a blog).

According to this book, I'm an "owlish", "procrastinator", "obliger", who "underbuys", prefers "novelty:, "finishing", and "simplicity". I have no idea what small steps are because I'm too busy taking huge steps in my promotion-focused approach to life.


Though I just threw around a lot of terms you may not know, what the first section of the book tackles is self-knowledge. While I generally rail against labels, I accept her breakdown of "tendencies" and can recognize my own.

So in addition to recommending the book, I also want to share something. See, one of my common problems is that I'm (using Gretchen's term) an obliger. While I am a super lax boss when it comes to honoring my own promises to myself, I absolutely CANNOT POSSIBLY IMAGINE letting someone else down. This spells trouble for someone like me who is mostly self-governed without a boss lording over her and what not.

So, I decided to approach this problem with a solution: Prizes!

Who doesn't love prizes?

So my new policy will be that every day that I make my word count (2000 words), I can have a prize (nonfood, though). And for every 5 days/10K words I can have a bigger prize (definitely sugar-based. I've been favoring starbucks caramel ribbon frappacinos lately...)

I have a similar plan in place for my workout and French studies as well, my respective 2nd and 3rd most important goals.

So now tell me, what do you do to keep yourself motivated to change and succeed?

Reading List of Books That Helped Kory Change

Better than Before-  Gretchen Rubin
The Art of Happiness- The Dalai Lama
In Defense of Food- Michael Pollen
The Little Book of Contentment- Leo Babauta

...and then a book that was more about accepting yourself rather than trying to change it: Daily Rituals by Mason Curry

Any books you've read that I should give a try?

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