Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Adventure: Reading at the Old Town Grocery Store #amreading

Sounds weird, right? A reading at a grocery store? But it actually turned out to be a delightful event! However, let me tell you, it was not easy making this happen. Let me explain...

When Dan Combs invited me to a local authors' event in my hometown, it was May and the sun was shining. There was no sign of the insanity that would be become by late summer, so I said "Yes", I'd love to give a short reading of my work, get to meet a few other creative-types in my hometown and get a better feel for the local scene, which I know absolutely nothing about.

Then about four weeks before this event, all hell broke loose (mid-July). We found out the the owners were foreclosing on the house that we were renting and we had to get out pronto. Kim and I knew they we were going to be in the area for a couple more years at least and decided that it was just better to buy.

Then began the insanity that is finding a home and closing on it before we no longer had a place to live (September 1). For anyone who has ever tried to close on a house, you know exactly what I am talking about.

To further complicate things, one of our close friends had a sort of family emergency, which meant that she and her mom and another one of our friends needed to stay with us that week in August (19-23). 

Complication #3, classes started that day (August 20) and this semester alone, I am taking 3 classes and teaching 5.

Despite all of this, I somehow arrived at the grocery store, on time and in a decent mood with my book to read from and my freebook coupons. I even had a smile on my face!
Me. Smiling.
The grocery store was actually one of those unique little shops that had ALL THE THINGS. I was fun to look at everything and buy some Traverse City Cherry Salsa before the event. 

The grocery also had a nice little outdoor space, which is where we did the reading:

Notice the is common in Michigan, the weather took a sharp turn for the worse and it became a challenge to read without letting my teeth chatter.

I also got to hear other local authors read and hear some impressive talent. So even though I'd spent the day on mortgage paperwork, prepping for classes, chauferring house guest and trying to make it to the reading--I'm glad I came.

It was a nice little respite from the storm that's been this August.

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