Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#October AtoZ challenge: C is for #Costumes

I love playing dress up. Can't you tell?

It's my understanding that we dress up every year so that the demons and whatnot that come out on Halloween Night don't realize we are human, and prey on something else. Don't quote me on this as I learned this from Trick 'R Treat.

My personal all time favorite costume is:

Sam from Trick 'R Treat

From what I can tell, all you need is an orange onesie and burlap sack and presto! You have a pumpkin-headed demon child costume.

I might also aspire to be LeeLoo Dallas one Halloween--if I can convince myself I won't freeze to death wearing ONLY white tape.

According to NBC, here are the most popular costumes by category:

Adult Costumes
1. Witch
2. Animal
3. “Batman” Character
4. Zombie
5. “Star Wars” Character
6. Pirate
7. Vampire
8. Action/Superhero 
9. Doctor/Nurse
10. Slasher Movie Character
11. (Tied) Political Figure, Vixen, or Minion

Children Costumes1. Princess
2. “Batman” Character
3. Action/Superhero
4. Animal
5. Disney’s “Frozen” Character
6. “Star Wars” Character
7. Zombie
8. Witch
9. Pumpkin
10. Minion

1. Pumpkin
2. Hot Dog
3. “Batman” Character
4. Devil
5. Bumble Bee
6. Dog
7. Cat
8. “Star Wars” Character
9. Bowtie/Bandanas/Fancy Collar
10. Shark
11. Princess
12. Minion

What do you plan to dress up (yourself, your child or pet) this year?


  1. My daughter is going as Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony) and I am hoping to be Tank, Rainbow Dash's pet turtle. :)