Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October #Blog #FAIL

So this month, I tried to celebrate my love for October, by making an A to Z blog list of all the things I love about October. Unfortunately, I only made it to "G". FOR SHAME!

It isn't because I don't love October, of course. I'm about to provide a list of all the things I love about the month, but life simply got in in the way.

I'm teaching, writing, and publishing (Book 4- Dying Light comes out Monday!). I also am still putting the new house together. To top it off, I got ENGAGED! ;)

***LEVEL UP***

Anyway, so this is sort of my apology for my absence for the last two weeks, rolled up in a celebration.

So here are all the things I love about October:

1. Fall food: caramel corn, caramel apples, halloween candy, pumpkin treats (though NOT coffee), warm drinks, cider and hot cocoa. All the yummy things!
2. Witches and the magic in the air
3. Costumes--who doesn't like to dress up.
4. Demons and scary stuff
5. Scary movies
6. The Fall itself--it's my favorite season.
7. Cool weather and beautiful fall days
8. Ghosts
9. Ghouls and the cemeteries that wander
10. Halloween!
11. Carving Pumpkins
12. Beautiful leaves
13. The smell of hay
14. Monster Music
15. Dancing to Thriller
16. Pies (I guess this goes with number 1, but pie gets its own mention...right, Dean?)
17. Roasting marshmellows over the open fire
18. Scary stories and unsolved mysteries.
19. Trick 'r Treating
20. Vampires
21. Werewolves
22. And all the other things that go bump in the night
23. Longer, darker nights
24. The excuse to wear boots all the time
25. Zombies
26. Soft sweaters
27. Cute scarves
28. That my pug is extra cuddly this time of year
29. Hayrides
30. Haunted houses
31. warm blankets
32. Visiting the orchards here in Michigan
33. Going on long fall walks
34. That it'll come every year!

What's your favorite thing about Fall/October?


  1. Trick or treating with my daughter! And all the excuses for chocolate. 😜

    1. Oh god, yes. Who needs excuses for chocolate? <3<3,<3

  2. Everything on your list, but you had me at pie...and Dean.

    1. Yes. I am really really really hoping that for some random and bizarre reason, Jenson brings his daughter trick 'r treating to my house. I know that he lives in Texas and I live in Michigan, but hey--it can happen :)