Saturday, January 30, 2016

4 Realizations & Recap of "The Power of Letting Go" #BetheChange

So I've reached the end of my first month. So far so good. My 2016 Power Project seems to be off to a great start and I'm excited to leap into next month's challenge: The Power of Listening

But right now, I want to take a moment to reflect on The Power of Letting Go and what I've learned this month.

Realization #1: The Power of Letting Go, while seemingly passive, is actually a very active and powerful approach.

It takes a lot of self-restraint not to reach across the table and snatch someone's eyeballs out of their sockets. Talking myself down from a rage takes a lot of control. It's a challenge to not go to war over nothing and instead put down my weapons. Sustained, active attempts must be made in the process of letting go, so if anyone tells you it's a cake walk, they're horribly ignorant of the Power of Letting Go. The idea is simple, but the practice is far from easy. 

Realization #2: The Power of Letting Go is an important first step to any task. It goes something like this: When living powerful, step 1: Let goAny time I encounter negative emotions or conflict, the VERY FIRST thing I must do is let go. Let go of my ego. Let go of my attachment to an outcome. Let go of my belief that whatever happened was a personal attack. Let go of my assumptions and indignation. Everything. When I fail to let go, I'm tying my hands and thwarting my access to my power. And in the face of challenge is the moment I need my power most. So to get those generators going at full blast, I have to first flip the "Let Go" switch, and get all the resistance out of the lines.

Realization #3: In addition to being a first line of defense, letting go is a continuous practice, with awareness at the core of its effectiveness.

Letting go is not one of those things that you learn to do once and then never have to think about again (bicycles, texting, etc). It's a continuous practice that requires a great deal of awareness. You have to get really good at noticing when you ARE NOT letting go and then implement your "letting go"action plan immediately. So patience and dedication to the approach is essential in making it work. So even when letting go becomes especially hard in the heat of a moment, it's absolutely essential to remember how valuable and absolutely worth it is to let go.

Realization #4: We all struggle to let go in our own unique way.
We are each different people, with our own personalities. Due to circumstances and life events, we each have a variety of triggers. Identifying what you commonly attach to and struggle to let go of can be a really beneficial first step in harnessing The Power of Letting Go. For example, I have a few specific areas where I can also always catch myself attaching. I struggle to let go of:

*Negative self-talk and instead practice self-acceptance
*The need to be right
*A desired outcome (I want it to happen like this and NOW)
*The need for approval or external validation

...and so on. By knowing that I'm prone to attach in any situation where these triggers are activated, it helps me to be more aware of my behavior and to engage my "let it go" sequence. But just because these are my triggers, doesn't mean they are the same triggers for other people.

So overall, I've definitely seen the power in letting go and how it can transform my outlook and relationships with other people. I hope to continue to work on letting go as I move into next month's challenge.

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