Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to Let Go of Old Agreements #TheBestofMe

One of the important aspects of honoring the Toltec “Four Agreements” is to also break your old agreements so that you can have room for new, more beneficial agreements. If you don’t know what an agreement is, start here.

If you do, let’s talk about how to break them. The answer is little by little over time and the most important first step is to
identify those old faulty agreements that you’ve made in your past. You’ve got to open the junk drawer to know what’s in there!

It’s about freeing yourself and to do that you must
forget everything you learned.

Here is some of the nonsense I’ve learned:

Old Agreements worth breaking
New Agreements

I am ugly: buck teethed, thin lipped, bow legged, fat, with jowls.

I am beautiful and attractive to many people. But more importantly, I make people feel good

Physical appearance is really important
It isn’t what you look like, but how you make people feel that matters.

Only rich people are powerful.

Warriors are the most powerful.

Only physical power matters.

All bodies grow weak and die.

I waste too much time.

Curiosity and creativity is worth my time.

Being a writer isn’t a worthy occupation.

Words change the word.

Charm and people-pleasing are the keys to love.

Kindness and gentleness are key to love.

Failure makes you weak.

Giving up makes you weak.

It is important to make a lot of money.

It is important to spend my days exactly as I wish. It is important to find pleasure
in all things.

My home isn’t good enough.

My home is a loving, comfortable space

My car isn’t good enough.

I am so lucky to have private transportation

Recognition validates my talent.

Mastery and challenge validates my talent.

I need external validation.

I must believe in myself.

I need to be thin.

I enjoy feeling strong.
I must be amazing in order to impress and be worthy of admiration.
I must be exactly what I am* in order to impress and be worthy of admiration.

I was cheated out of a loving family.

My life is full of amazing people.

I was cheated out of a happy childhood.

I have been strong from an early age.

What are some of the silly things you’ve learned over time? What agreements do you need to break?

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