Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Secrets of Adulthood #TheHappinessProject #selfhelp

Secrets of Adulthood—or Things To Remember

Again, here I am talking about Rubin and the Happiness Project. She introduced a concept called “Secrets of Adulthood”. They are observations to live by. Here are mine:
·         What you do every day is more important than what you do once in a while
·         Anger grows only when you feed it
·         The best time to start is now
·         Exercise. You’ll be glad you did
·         If you can breathe, you’re okay
·         You can’t change someone. Change yourself
·         Don’t complain or nag. Get them involved
·         Eat right. You’ll feel better
·         Don’t know where to start? Start by making a list!
·         There is no such things as “all or nothing”
·         The couch makes you tired
·         Too much sugar makes you sad
·         Reading makes you smart. Gratitude gives you perspective. Journaling gives you peace. Practice all three every day.
·         Delaying a nagging task only increases your anxiety over it. The more it upsets you, the sooner you should get it over with.
·         It doesn’t matter how I look. It matters how I make people feel.
·         It is more important to listen than to talk

What’s your secrets of adulthood?


  1. I love me a good list! Mine lately is a reminder that children are sponges. Not exactly a secret of adulthood, but goes along with parenthood. It can work for you and, as we are learning against you! Mine is getting to be a force to be reckoned with!!

    1. There was a chapter about parenthood in The Happiness Project! So I know what you're talking about. :)