Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#BetheChange February #Resolutions

So, as is keeping with the 2016 Power Project, I need to have a few resolutions to guide me through my exploration of The Power of Listening.

Here are the few I've chosen so far, and why I think they'll help me be a better listener:

Listen more than I speak. If I am going to be a better listener, it should probably start with me keeping my mouth shut more. I considered taking a vow of silence to help support the developing of my listening skills, but I realized that my students probably wouldn't like having their writing classes delivered via mime.

Meditate every day. This connects with the idea of listening to myself. But I also think the practice of mindfulness will lead to developed listening skills too. After all, by practicing being present in the moment, I'm more likely to remain present during conversations as well, making me a better listener. Ditto for recognizing when I'm distracted and how to return my focus and attention to the person in front of me.

Practice RASA. This comes from Julian Treasure's TedTalk, but I've also seen the same concepts expressed in several listening articles from the .edu sites I've been trolling. RASA stands for: Receive, Appreciate, Summarize, Ask. He explains it more in the video, and I've seen the same ideas expressed over and over again in the articles, but it's basically a guideline on how to conduct oneself in a conversation.

3 minutes of silence a day. To recalibrate my hearing. This will probably be best enacted when I switch places (from work to home, home to work, etc). But a conscious recalibration is the idea.

Savor sounds. To form a deep appreciation for what I hear, the priviledge of hearing, and all the power this ability affords me. I suspect I will begin to hear sounds I never even noticed before. :)

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