Thursday, February 11, 2016

Say It With Your Body #amlistening #bethechange

Because listening means keeping your mouth shut, you'll need to use your body to tell people that you're listening. I came across this acryomn for how to do just that:


SOLER describes what you should be doing with your body to show that you're listening:

S-squarely face the speaker
O- open up the posture. Don't cross your arms or slump.
L- Lean toward the speaker to suggest engagement and attention.
E- Eye contact is important. Use it but don't abuse it. No stank eyes or evil eye curses, folks.
R- Relax. If you appear relaxed and comfortable with the conversation, your speaker will mirror that, also feeling relaxed and comfortable. This could increase the chances that they open up and share even more.

The article that I shared earlier this week also has this to say about receptive body language: 

"Certain body postures and movements are culturally interpreted with specific meanings. The crossing of arms and legs is perceived to mean a closing of the mind and attention. The nodding of the head vertically is interpreted as agreement or assent. (It is worth noting that nonverbal clues such as these vary from culture to culture just as the spoken language does.) If seated, the leaning forward with the upper body communicates attention. Standing or seated, the maintenance of an appropriate distance is important. Too close and we appear to be pushy or aggressive and too far and we are seen as cold."

So the next time you find yourself in a conversation, remember, you can say a lot without saying anything at all! :)

Thanks for listening! :D


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