Thursday, February 18, 2016

There's A Reason Why Elephants Have Big Ears guessed it! Because they're great listeners. :D

Now, I know you're thinking: wait, Kory...I thought it was "an elephant never forgets" and you'd be right. 

But you know who else doesn't forget? Good listeners.

If you want to make someone feel like you REALLY listened to them, then show off your awesome memory.

How special did you feel when you had a good conversation with a friend/partner/family member, and the next time you saw said person (s)he said, "Oh how is <insert important and specific thing we talked about last time>?"  (i.e. How is that tough project at your work going? How's Abby's broken elbow?"

Follow up reestablishes the great connection made in a previous conversation and suggests that what they said previously mattered to you enough for further consideration.

How can you show someone you remember? Here's 3 ways:

*Follow up inquiries (mostly in the form of questions)
*relevant gifts (i.e. my fiancee lamented
                  over her deteriorating work bag and I got her a new
                  one for V-day)
*acts of service (i.e. I know you're on a deadline this week, so I was wondering if you wanted me to take your kids off your hands tomorrow--maybe dinner and a movie--so you can have uninterrupted work time)

How do you show off your good memory/listening?

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