Thursday, March 3, 2016

647 Words for Love #withpictures

So there is going to be a new series on the blog inspired by several requests to have more of *me* on here. Apparently, you guys want to know what I'm doing when I'm not pounding the keys in service of the latest Jesse book.  But not just what I'm doing, but also what I'm thinking, what I'm reading, internet finds, and so on.

So each week, I'll drop highlights from that week into a post for you guys. I'm going to run the series as <number> Words for Love. 

The idea is based on a Margaret Atwood quote: “The eskimos had 52 names for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love.”

Change "names" for love to "words" for love, as my posts in this series will be an ongoing love letter to my life, so to speak. And the number will be the word count for that blog post.

 Ta-Da! A series was born.

So without further ado:

I woke on a warm (55 degrees) Michigan morning thinking, "I'll ride my bike to work today!"  Two hours later...

#Michigan Weather #Pure Michigan

I had a dream that we had two dogs and a kitten to choose from for adopting. We knew we could not keep all the animals and though I thought the black kitten was very sweet, I said to Kim “your allergies will kill you” and started looking at a paid service site that would help rehome the kitten to a good home.

At some point, I realized that I had poop all over me, either from the dogs or the kitten and I cleaned up. Then while looking in the sink, I saw the black kitten trapped under the water, realized it was stuck and pulled it out. It spat water out of its mouth and was okay, though it mewled dramatically and acted weak when I put it on the ground. But I knew it would be okay, if a little drama queen. I woke up feeling the dream was very significant.

I wrote a story about a French bulldog who loves cheese in French and published it on Short Editions. Editorial help from my tutor Lea! Merci! 

Listening to Unstoppable on audiobook. Bill Nye said something poignant. I fact checked him (sorry, Bill!) 

Of course he was right.

The United States Department of Defense (2014):

“Among the future trends that will impact our national security is climate change. Rising global temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, climbing sea levels, and more extreme weather events will intensify the challenges of global instability, hunger, poverty, and conflict. They will likely lead to food and water shortages, pandemic disease, disputes over refugees and resources, and destruction by natural disasters in regions across the globe. In our defense strategy, we refer to climate change as “a threat multiplier” because it has the potential to exacerbate many of the challenges we are dealing with today. From infectious disease to terrorism, we are already beginning to see some of these impacts.”

Why do people still not believe in climate change when the US military is releasing official security statements about it?

No doubt someone just said conspiracy.

We become human-like 4.4 million years ago. But we’re so much more rational now, right? Nope.

Bought a wedding cake.

Red velvet and buttercream to ensue.

Also, pretty sure Stevie King is so prolific because he does NOT pinterest.

The settlers are doing well.

Changed the month on the calendar. March features demonic owls. I pity the photographer who happened upon these creatures in the dark forest one night. Has anyone heard from Scott?

Tea leaf reading
A huge tree frog at bottom of cup: fertility and abundance
Two fish circling:  a person born under Pisces
An owl :
wisdom, knowledge and learning (or a impending run-in with demonic owls)
A tornado: prepare for turbulent weather
Cornucopia: plenty and success in all undertakings
Spaceship: Above and beyond expectations; very fortunate

We had so much snow that the college actually closed. TWICE. Never happens in Michigan. Sledding ensued.

Unfortunately, I still had to grade 59 essays.

Discovered Cashore published letters written from Katsa, Po and the crew. I am probably the last Graceling fan to hear about this.

The oven was turned on.

Made cauliflower crust pizza for dinner.

Made cookies for the neighbors who snow-blowed my driveaway and sidewalk.

Made a hellacious lemon-butter cake, sans candied lemon slices. Half of it is frozen in my freezer to be consumed at my leisure.

Reading Prince Lestat finally. Most heart-breaking scene so far is Antoine standing outside the apartment of Armand, Sybelle, and Benji, playing his violin like a god until he's welcomed inside. #swoon.

Also, this gem: “the heart had stopped gasping like an open-mouth fish.”

Totally stealing this. Wait for it. You might see it turn up somewhere.

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