Sunday, March 27, 2016

An #Easter parable for #Writers #inspiration

Today was Easter (happy Easter to those who celebrate!).

I'm not religious so I didn't really celebrate except for the fact that I went to a Easter brunch buffet and I watched The Matrix.

I know you must be thinking...wait, what? How does The Matrix relate to Easter? To which I say, come on! There's a guy who is "the one" who is going to save mankind. He dies then comes back to life and so's soooo Easter!

But anyhoo, I actually don't want to draw a metaphor between Easter and The Matrix, the real comparison here is between Neo "The One" and You.

Yes, YOU.

This movie chronicles Neo's journey to accepting who he is and where his power lies. But he doesn't just get ripped out of the matrix and then realizes "Oh, I'm THE ONE? Okay, cool. Let's do this."

Instead he has to be trained up, shepherded along, and faithfully supported (by Morpheus). 

And that is really how we all come into our power too, isn't it? We don't believe in ourselves at first. We have to figure out what we are doing (training), we have some awesome mentors come along and point the way (shepherding) and whenever we falter, we have some true believer to bolster us up (family, loved ones, friends).

And I know this is true for a lot of creative-types out there. They don't believe they are THE ONE. Not really. They know they want to create stuff. They know they are drawn to answers and the truth and the hey-get-a-real-job system be damned...but when someone shows up and says "Here you are! The search is over!"...they just can't believe it. 

But no amount of praise can make you believe you are what you are. In Morpheus's own words "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."

Everyone can tell you that you're a writer...a painter...a musician...(I don't know what you're into), but it won't matter until YOU believe it. No amount of praise or support is going to get you where you need to be if you don't BELIEVE it yourself.

Neo doesn't become a badass until he realizes he CAN fight the agents. He CAN save Morpheus. Likewise, you're not going to impress anyone until you believe in yourself too.

So here's an Easter meditation for you: what's holding you back from embracing your full power? What hold does The Matrix (self-doubt; society; frivolous expectations) have on your mind and what steps can you take to free it?


  1. I love the matrix/chosen one dynamic. I know I am so lucky to have a great writer buddy who doesn't let me sulk for long when I think E.L. James could phrase my story better. ( this seems to happen on the first three drafts for everything I write.) I may not have many, but I think I have the best writer buddy in the world. Hoppy Ēoster.

    1. You are lucky! Good writer friends are priceless :)