Thursday, March 31, 2016

Another Month, Another Challenge #PowerProject

So March has come to an end and this is where I recap what I've learned from my past month's challenge and forge ahead with next month's challenge.

So this past month "The Power of Small Steps" proved very insightful. I learned:

1) Small incremental challenges really do facilitate change
2) Even with small changes you can see progress rather quickly
3) Small change mentality can be applied to a lot of ideas.

What are some results of my small tasks this month?

Well I did the plank and push up challenge which means that each day I did plank pose and some pushups. I started small (1 minute of plank; 10 pushups) and I built on it a little each time until I ended up doing 4 minutes of plank and 32 pushups. And if you think that's not impressive, you're failing to take into account the accumulation!

In the last 31 days I've done 651 pushups and held plank pose for 78 minutes...BAM! I'm not rock hard yet, but I am markedly less like a marshmellow-y Peep than when I started.

Am I the only one who likes to eat these?

I applied the same mentality to reading. I made a little more time to read each day and knocked out more books that usual--because those pages add up. I woke up just a little earlier each day and now have a better start time.

This mentality has also helped me with procrastination and getting &^%$ done. When a task seems too daunting, I can put it off for weeks or days. But if it's bite-sized, I'm likely to tackle it sooner. Really  this idea of "just a little" can be applied to almost anything and it's got great momentum behind it. So there is power in this approach and I'm glad I explored it. If you're interested in what I did but missed the posts, you can revisit the March index. For the rest of us, Keep Moving Forward! 

Next month: The Power of Belief!

There's a primer for the importance of believing here.

Also, I'm giving away ALL the audiobooks. Want one?

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