Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#Book #Review: Red Queen #amreading

3.5 out of 5 stars. More specifically, 4.5 stars for tension and a genuine seat of my pants interest. 2.5 stars for originality...which is an odd combo, right? Because how in the world did Aveyard have me by the seat of my pants if she failed to be very original. Let me tell you!

So this book is generally a mashup of all the YA that has gone before.

We have The Selection in the Queenstrial and Mare's sudden betrothal to Maven.

We have The Hunger Games--all the conscription tyranny, and the way The Capital--uh, I mean the Silver Court--rules over the commoners. Particularly, how it uses the Mockingjay, uh, I mean Mare, as a way to quiet the hoardes but really they want to follow her into battle.

We have Graceling--some people have powers (Silvers) others do not (Reds).

And then there are some of the threads that I can't pin to a particular novel, but you can find in about a dozen YA books: the love triangle, court intrique, the rebellion, etc.

So for these reasons, the novel only got a 2.5 for originality. It felt like a mashup of all I'd seen before, thrown together in a way that was rather predictable. And yet...

I was hooked! I was listening to this on audiobook. I found myself cleaning a little longer....sitting in the car a little bit longer...staring vacantly at the wall a little bit longer... you know how it goes.

So clearly the writing wasn't that bad. I liked Mare--the lead. I liked the world building. I liked the themes of classism. The moment when Kal kisses Mare, I grinned like a fool--you'd have thought someone was sticking their tongue down MY throat.

So props to Aveyard for her mad character development and worldbuilding skills. Let's hope that the next book Glass Sword takes an interesting and unique departure from the rehash we got in Book 1.

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