Thursday, March 24, 2016

Happy #Zombie Day #Book #Sale! #amreading

It's that time of year again! In honor of the holiday that celebrates dead people coming back to life, we're going to celebrate our very own Jesse Sullivan, death replacement agent extraordinaire!

For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the following Jesse Sullivan novels will be on sale

Price: Free. Always!
Price: $0.99

Price: $0.99
Price: $0.99

Price: $0.99

Buy links
Dying for a Living:    Kindle       Smashwords
Dying by the Hour:   Kindle       Smashwords
Dying for Her:           Kindle        Smashwords
Dying Light:               Kindle        Smashwords
Boxset:                        Kindle        Smashwords

So for those of you who aren't paying attention, you can get FOUR books for $1.98 (Boxset +Dying Light) or you can get FOUR books for $2.97 (by buying them individually)...depending upon how you feel about purchasing boxsets. Either way, each book will be just $0.99 until Monday morning.

And then you'll six weeks to READ THEM ALL before the 5th book, Worth Dying For, is released. Muahaha! ;)

Have a great weekend!