Monday, March 7, 2016

New Month; New Challenge #BeTheChange

January was "Let Go"...
February was "Be a Good Listener"...

and March is...

Take Small Steps.

I'll be the first to tell you that I tend to be an "all-or-nothing" kind of girl. As you can imagine, this can be problematic for a big-picture dreamer like me. 

I tend to jump on the dragon then get discouraged when it doesn't just roll over in the face of my awesomeness.

But there's plenty of philosophy touting the importance of "baby steps" or "one day at a time. And we all know the saying "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

But is there really power in baby steps? Or is this just something that unmotivated chumps say? Let's find out!

So this month's challenge is to try and break my bad habit of all-or-nothing, and to adopt more of a tortoise approach, one step at a time.

To help with this exploration of this type of power, I'm trying three things:

*a plank and pushup challenge
*a meditation challenge
*ditch the "all-or-nothing" mentality

The first two challenges are accumulative. The goal is to add a little more each day and then remark on my progress in hindsight. 

I'm a week into the plank/pushup challenge (meaning I've worked up to 1m30sec of plank and 15 pushups--all the way to the ground, off the knees). If I stay on track, this I'll end the month at 4 minutes plank, 40 pushups.

The same is true for the meditation challenge--a little more each day until I'm meditating for 30 minutes on March 31.

Ditch "All or nothing" is just a general term for "I'm going to try not to do everything at once, get discouraged, and then do nothing at all."

Instead of saying "I only have 15 minutes, I can't write today" Instead, sit down and write for 15 minutes. Same for exercise--a 15 minute jog around the block is better than no exercise at all.

I also want to read Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird. It seems to also explore this idea of "one-bite-at-a-time" and it's geared toward writers like me.

So that's it for this month! Wish me luck! And I'm wishing you luck too--in all your projects big and small.


  1. I am am soooooo an all or nothing girl. My accomplishment is I've been going to he gym fairly regularly since mid January, even while on vacation! Glad I'm not he only one.....maybe I'll try the plank challenge too, in solidarity.

    1. Even on vacation! You're amazing! And you should totally do the plank challenge. Our abs will be so awesome at the end! (or so I keep telling myself) Though I'll warn you that I stretched yesterday and thought I'd ripped my stomach in two. I haven't felt that kind of pain since I got my belly button pierced...