Monday, April 4, 2016

#Mondayblogs: The #Power of Believing in Yourself

For April’s challenge, I chose to explore the power of belief. Many people might already agree that belief in something is essential to its power or success. After all, there are books and lectures and podcasts and so on about how to creatively visualize an object or circumstance into existence. If you want your life to change, envision a different one. If you want something good to happen “put it out there in the universe” as some would say.

If you want a dream to come true, you believe it will happen—this somehow increases the chances that it will.

But there is a particular type of belief that I am interested in: Belief in oneself.

This is often an overlooked or neglected aspect of the power of belief. It seems more acceptable to most that the world may change in our favor. That we can will circumstances or situations to change.

However, I argue that believing in oneself is more important. By believing you in yourself, you are acknowledging and accepting the power you have over your own life. You think: I want things to change and I believe I can change them. There’s a lot of power in approaching life this way because in addition to believing, you accept responsibility of the situation.

But does one simply wake and say: “I believe in myself! I can do anything!”

There are opposing forces to believing in oneself, of course.

*Negative self-talk
*residual bad experiences (from the past)
*low self-esteem/confidence

I’ll explore each in this week’s posts. And I've made a few resolutions that will help me explore this type of power too:

*Nurture positive views
*Eliminate negative self-talk
*Appreciate past accomplishments
*Do something hard
*Set goals and meet them

So here we go! 

Have a great week everybody J


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