Monday, August 29, 2016

#Mondaymotivation: Stop Procrastinating! #amwriting

It's Monday. You're at the desk. You've got your tunes on. You've got the snacks on hand. Beverages on hand (because dehydration is serious!) and the phone is on silent or vibrate.

Within an hour, you'll have 1000 words on the page, right?'ll spend the hour perusing email, checking facebook, falling into an internet spiral and open your eyes at 10:03 and wonder just how long you've been looking at all the Caturday posts you missed on Twitter!

The internet. It can be a writer's best friend or a major deterrent.  Fortunately, you can block the internet for a period of time and makes sure that you can't do anything with your computer but write!

The program is appropriately called Stop Procrastinating. Stop Procrastinating allows you not only to make your computer time more about writing and less about Facebook stalking your ex, but it also helps you to clarify your goals and intentions. 

Since I've installed it, I average about 3000 words a day. So for me at least, it's been really helpful in keeping me on track while I write.

No, I'm not getting any payments to promote this company (though if they read this and offer me a check, I'm not going to say no ;), but I think it is a good resource for writers. So I don't want to be that jerk that hordes all the trade secrets.

So go on! Try it! And let me know what you think. If you've got other tips to help writers to avoid distractions while writing, share below.

Thanks! :)

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