Tuesday, August 30, 2016

#Tuesdaybookblog: 5 Reasons to Love Charley Davidson @Darynda

I've been tearing through Darynda Jone's Charley Davidson series lately. I'd read the first couple before, and loved the series immediately. But I recently made a commitment to read them all in order to be up-to-date when the 11th novel, Eleventh Grave in Moonlight drops in January.

I don't like reviews that give spoilers, so instead, I will give you five reasons to love Charley Davidson, the heroine of the series.

1) She sees dead people.
Charley is the Grim Reaper and as a consequence, she can see the departed here on Earth. Who doesn't want a friend who can see dead people? 

2) She's an awesome P.I.
Her private investigation antics are always fun to watch. The excitement, the drama, oh my! I want a P.I. friend who is always running around, solving cases, saving lives and ordering mucho grande tacos. 

3) She has great friends. 
Cookie is her assistant/sidekick and she's lovely. Their conversations are fantastic. Witty. Engaging and it makes you want to put on pajamas and join in. Just don't let Cookie make the margaritas! Witty banter is always a selling point in a novel for me. But it is even better if I like both parties who are bantering. And in this case, I do!

4) Her boyfriend is super hot.
Okay, it might be the Son of Satan thing, but Reyes is smokin'. And I'm not even usually into dudes! Yet I want him as my book boyfriend--if that's not an endorsement for a certain six-pack of abs, I don't know what is. It always puts a smile on my face when he shows up. It's usually a sign that things are about to get reaaaaaaally good. 

5) Charley always saves the day.
No matter how many demons, how many criminals, how many ghosts and near brushes with death, Charley always wins. It's hard not to root for a girl who gives it her all and keeps coming out on top. It's been fun watching her powers grow and see her coming into her own. Just her character arc and development would be enough for me, even if she didn't come with the great friends, sassy attitude, mad skills and hot boyfriend.

Okay that's all you're getting from me for free! Go! Go pick up the series. (Now! Go! Go!) Binge read! And we can fangirl together until Moonlight rolls around!

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